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Writing E-Mails That Really Speak To Your Target Audience

Many internet marketers invest a lot of time, effort and resources just to build an e-mail list. So why go through so much trouble just to build a list? Because a list is what’s going to make them lots of money down the line, and time and time again.

A list is not just good for one-time use only. Money can be earned multiple times from the same list. That is why internet marketers go through all the trouble to build a highly-targeted and highly-responsive list.

But having a list is not simply enough. You need to open a channel of communication to your readers and keep it open. But how exactly do you communicate to your list? How do you market to your list without sounding annoying and desperate? How to you get them interested in what you have to sell?  How do you close the deal and get them to buy?

That is where your e-mail sales letters come in. Your e-mail sales letters is the middle person which represents you and your e-mail sales letters you have direct creative control, approach, tone, style and every aspect. With so many aspects, it’s easy to get it wrong but this article is all about how to get it right.

And here are some ways, which can help you see a more successful email marketing campaign:


Imagine reading an email that starts off with “Dear Recipient”, or just a simple “Hi There!”. From those words alone I can safely come to a conclusion that the e-mail I am reading is one of many which is sent out to the masses.

Being so blatantly obvious I am just another recipient, makes a recipient feel unimportant.

Nothing more.

Well, the sender isn’t doing anything wrong, but it makes his/her e-mail recipients feel like they don’t mean much to him. So since he doesn’t care much, so in the end, why should I care what he/she has to say in the first place?

So, never start of your e-mail greeting in that manner. To really catch their attention and interest, address your recipient by their names. People will always pay more attention when they hear their name or in this case, if they see it in the e-mail body.

So customize your e-mail program to include the recipient’s name in the e-mail. Many e-mail programs can allow you to do so, so there is simply no reason not to get around to it.

The Problem Faced

The first few paragraphs of your e-mail should get right to the problem that you have the solution for.

By presenting the problem that your readers might be facing, you are making your content relate with your target market, and you instantly strike a chord with them.

And once they see that they can relate to your e-mail content, it will certainly bait their interest and by then you will have successfully catches their attention.

You only have a few seconds to make an impression, if you do not do so when the time is up, your readers are most probably going to hit the “Delete” button.

Of course I don’t have to tell you the importance of researching and learning all about your target audience beforehand. Only then will you know the problems that they are facing and then come up with a solution to solve the problem.


After highlighting the problem what should come next naturally should be on offering the solution. The section between highlighting the problem and finally presenting solution should not to be far in-between.

Once you tell your readers you have a solution to their problems, it is already going to generate excitement and when they get excited, they will start to get impatient.

Waiting too long to give them solution, and their excitement WILL die down, they will lose their interest and you have just lost the perfect opportunity to make a sale.

Plus, if your solution comes in the form of a physical or digital product, or a service, please make it easy for them to obtain it. Making them go through a lot of processes can also deter potential paying customers.

One Thing…At A Time

Many internet marketers make the mistake of giving out too much too soon in a single e-mail during their e-mail marketing campaign. When you divulge everything about anything in a single e-mail, there isn’t much left to give in the following e-mail.

You have to learn to create that initial hunger in the first e-mail and then drip-feed it bit by bit in your subsequent e-mails. Each e-mail has to provide something of value. It could be just 1 or 2 juicy stuff, nothing more and nothing less. This keeps them coming back for more, so don’t give it all at once.

Plus, by giving all information away at one time, it will only confuse your e-mail readers more. Imagine being bombarded with such a wealth of information it’s going to be overwhelming. Not to mention to fit everything in a single e-mail will result in a very lengthy one.

This will also turn off many e-mail readers. At the end of the day, you are going to be left with a very long e-mail but not a single person is going to be reading it.

So send out e-mails with content which is easily digestible, easy on the eyes and a blast to read and always leave them wanting more.

Ultimately, as an internet marketer, in addition to just building your list, you should also build a relationship the people who are in your list as well. As the methods discussed above may very well help you increase your sales when marketing to your list, building a relationship with your list is and always will be the best method of all.

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