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Are you tired of making a ‘Beautiful’ list of goals at the beginning of every year… but never get to actually accomplish them?

Are you frustrated how your motivation ‘starts’ like a bull at the first quarter of the year… only to be swallowed by an entire year of *epic slowness*?

Well fret no more… I am about to share with you my stupidly simple way to turn all this around and give yourself one hell of a great year in 2012!

Here’s My Story.

Every year… I will spend some time sitting down at a ‘Nice’ spot to write my goals down.

Sounds familiar?

The problem is… I realize it’s quite annoying to see that each year my goals weren’t really ‘accomplished’ which explains why they look the same every single year…

Still with me? Good!

Hence I Did Something DRASTIC.

And I made more money, grew my business significantly, lost weight… live happier… got more stuff done, went on for 4 vacations and completed All my goals for 2011 while doing more than I had planned…

Note: I was able to get more time for my family as well!

The Best Part?

I did it without any of those ‘traditional’ goals setting methods that you read everywhere all over the internet and books that you find in the bookstores.

See What the people at the Warrior Forums has to say when they learn this USEFUL ‘Trick’!

James Y.

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